Pakenham Wing Chun Academy
Wing Chun Kung Fu - Martial Art for Self Defence
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Wing Chun is a type of Chinese boxing which was developed about 300 years ago.   Today, it is by far the most popular kung fu system -- with millions around the world practicing various types of Wing Chun.

Wing Chun is not reliant on muscle power or brute force.  Various techniques are used to evade or deflect attacks and to redirect power back to the attacker.   "Chi kung" or "qi gong" (development of internal energy) is also an integral part of the program. 

Pakenham Wing Chun Academy offers complete Classical Wing Chun training.   All classes are personally taught by instructor with over 25 years of experience.

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                                                    " The soft overcomes the hard

                                                      The weak overcomes the strong"

                    Lao Tzu

                    Chinese Philosopher

                    6th Century B.C.



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