Pakenham Wing Chun Academy
Wing Chun Kung Fu - Martial Art for Self Defence
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Wing Chun training includes learning and regular practice of what has been learnt. Proficiency is not only knowledge but the ability to spontaneously apply such knowledge under stress conditions.   For example in a street fight, things can happen so quickly you won't even have time to think.   You must react instinctively with the correct techniques.   We emphasize regular practice so that these techniques become second nature.

The ultimate objective is to achieve a high degree of control (mastery) over emotion, technique, and power.   Emotional control is the overcoming of anger and fear - resulting in calm and confidence.

"He who overcomes others is strong,  

but he who overcomes himself is mightier still."

Lao Tzu, Chinese Philosopher, 6th Century B.C


Participation in any exercise program carries the risk of injury.   It is recommended that you seek medical advice before beginning any exercise program.  Any information, advice, instruction, or training obtained from Pakenham Wing Chun Academy will be used at your own risk.

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