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Q:  What advice would you give to someone starting out in Wing Chun?

A:  Be patient.  There is no substitute to putting the time and effort.

Q:  What if I have other martial arts expericence?

A:  That won't be a problem if you come to class with an open mind.  One cannot add anything to a cup that is already full.

Q:  Is there an upper age limit to practicing Wing Chun?

A:  It is difficult to put a number on this as it depends on the individual.  However, Wing Chun is a low impact soft style which can be practiced until old age.

Q:  Do I have to be fit or in shape to start Wing Chun training?

A:  No. Wing Chun training will get you in shape.  (Assuming regular and consistent practice over the long term.)

Q:  Does practice of Wing Chun lead to weight loss?

A:  Taken in isolation, the answer is: No.  However, Wing Chun can form part of a sensible diet and exercise program which would be sustainable over the long term.   Many people seek comfort in food when they are stressed out.   Stress reduction is an integral part of Wing Chun training and as such it may be helpful in weight control.

Q:  Is Wing Chun suitable for women?

A:  Yes. Wing Chun ideal for women because it does not emphasize development of muscle or use of brute force.  

Q:  Do you have any classes for women only?

A:  No.  All classes are mixed.  Classical Wing Chun is not a competitive sport with separate categories for men and women.   It is meant for ultimate self defence in emergency situations.   Women are for the most part attacked by men - not other women.  In class, women learn to deal with men (who tend to use their strength advantage).

Q:  Do you go full contact in training or sparring?

A:  No.  We do not wear any gloves or protective gear.   Therefore, only light contact is permitted.

Q:  Is there a school uniform?

A:  No.   Stretch pants, T-shirt, and training shoes would be fine.

Q:  Will I be earning belts or sashes?

A.  No.  There are no gradings in Classical Wing Chun.  Some Wing Chun schools may have them.  However, that would be a modern adaptation.

Q:  Is there a minimum class attendance?

A:  Yes.  You cannot progress without attending class on a regular basis.  Twice a week on the average is the bare minimum to keep up with the program.   However, 3 times a week is recommended.

Q:  Should I advise if I cannot make it to class for a long period i.e.  vacation or sickness?

A:  Yes.  We are a small school.   Often, we have to close admissions due to space limitation.  If we do not hear from you for more than 3 weeks, we will assume that you have quit and may offer your place to another student.

Q:  Are there any weapons in Wing Chun?

A:  Yes.  Wing Chun uses a pole as long range weapon and a pair of butterfly knives as short range weapon.  As butterfly knives are prohibited weapons in Australia,  we use a pair of sticks instead for training purposes.   Please check  video page for a short clip on weapons.

Q:  What is the biggest obstacle to advancing in Wing Chun?

A:  Ego.  Those with supersize ego find it difficult to admit to any mistakes and do not recognize their weaknesses.   As such, they cannot improve.


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