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Wing Chun Kung Fu - Martial Art for Self Defence
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Code of Conduct


Self discipline and mutual respect is an integral part of traditional martial arts training.   The following is a non-exhaustive list of inappropriate conduct in class:


Ø   Disruptive behaviour -  rowdiness, loud mouth, chewing gum

Ø   Disrespectful behaviour - rudeness, wise cracks, swearing, insults

Ø   Aggressive behaviour – physical or verbal intimidation

Ø   Attending training while intoxicated on alcohol or drugs

Ø   Not paying attention to instructor, doing your own thing in class

Ø   Arguing with instructor  (if you know better, go start your own school)

Ø   Disregard for or wilful damage to property and equipment

Ø   Any other behaviour or attitude deemed inappropriate


Outside class, the Wing Chun practitioner is expected to be a responsible member of society.   One must not brag about or show off one's kung fu skills.   One must not be easily provoked and must show restraint when challenged or taunted

(Please note: If you do not abide by the code of conduct, you face expulsion from the school)


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                            " One who excels as a warrior does not appear formidable 
                                      One who excels in fighting is never roused in anger
                                      One who excels in defeating his enemy does not join issue"

                      Lao Tzu

                      Chinese Philosopher

                      6th Century B.C.

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