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Wing Chun Kung Fu - Martial Art for Self Defence
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Tao means way or path.  The Tao of Wing Chun is Wing Chun as a way of life.

The aim of Wing Chun is to achieve a relaxed state - not only during combat but also in everyday life.  Stress reduction through various relaxation techniques (i.e. meditation) is an integral part of Wing Chun practice.  The more calm and confident you are, the more control you will have over every aspect of your life (i.e.  work, relationship, family).

Wing Chun is ultimately not about fighting.  It is about the pursuit of inner peace and happiness through cultivation of mind and body.   That is the Tao of Wing Chun.

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                                  "Desire is the root of all suffering"

                                                                                                Siddharta Gautama

                                                                                                The  Buddha

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